Marriage and Relationship Therapy

At the Family Life Center, our counselors are dedicated to strengthening the bonds between committed couples. We work with you to overcome the inevitable heartaches, hurts, and conflicts that are a part of any long-term relationship.

That upsets are a part of any couple’s journey through life does not ease the emotional anguish, misery, or suffering that may characterize your experience. When you are in pain and unable to cope without experienced and knowledgeable help, the counselors at Family Life Center are here for you.

  • Is Your Relationship Worth Saving?
  • Do You Know that Conflict Can Lead to Personal Growth?
  • What Can Change, and What Cannot be Changed?
  • Can You Wait for the Dust to Settle? A Rough Patch Need Not be a Breaking Point.
  • Is Substance Abuse Tearing You Apart?
  • Consider Why You Came Together in the First Place, and Why You are Trying to Save the Relationship Now.

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At Family Life Center, our treatment and counseling programs have been turning lives around for over 20 years.


We believe that if you need help with the central relationship of your life, counseling can be of benefit. Our approach to couple’s therapy can teach you new ways to think about the problems that bother you, as well as provide you with new ways to cope with your feelings.

We can assist you in bringing out a new awareness of your relationship, showing you effective ways to handle the stress, difficulties, pains, and slights you have encountered in your journey together.

Our counseling sessions focus both on the things that you can control and change, and the things you need to surrender to God.

Relationship Counseling for Couples Old and New

It’s not about how long you’ve been with one another. Whether you are just beginning your lives together or have been married for decades, it can be difficult to avoid common stumbling blocks and dysfunctional behavior patterns. No couple is immune.

Don’t lose hope. Forgiveness, communication, kindness, and forward momentum are waiting for you.

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At Family Life Center, our treatment and counseling programs have been turning lives around for over 20 years.
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