Individual Counseling

Professional, Personal Help in Balancing Your Life

At the Family Life Center, counseling is available for those experiencing a wide range of emotional problems, including:

  • Depression and despondency
  • Panic attacks and anxiety disorders
  • Stress, including chronic, episodic, and acute stress
  • Marital problems and divorce
  • Substance Abuse
  • And a variety of other individual, couples, group, and Biblical counseling options

We believe that if you need help with the daily struggles of life, counseling can be of benefit, as our therapeutic approach can teach you new ways to think about the problems that bother you, as well as provide you with new ways to cope with your feelings. We can assist you in discovering a new awareness of your identity and more effective ways to handle the uncertainties of life.

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At Family Life Center, our treatment and counseling programs have been turning lives around for over 20 years.


Our counseling sessions focus both on the things that you can control and change, and the things you need to surrender to God. Assessments are provided for a reasonable fee and referrals for inpatient treatment can be made when necessary.

Counseling Children and Adolescents

At Family Life Center, we also provide counseling for children and adolescents, addressing issues such as:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Sexual Abuse
  • And many other difficulties common with children and adolescents

Play therapy and other modalities are used to bring the child back to their normal carefree selves. For your convenience, these services are offered both in our offices and at local schools.

Substance Abuse Assessment

Family Life Center uses the ASAM, a state mandated assessment tool, for determining the appropriate level of care needed for someone struggling with a substance related problem, using 6 dimensions as the criteria for treatment determination.

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At Family Life Center, our treatment and counseling programs have been turning lives around for over 20 years.
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